since 1862

Dedication, Passion & Expertise

We eat, sleep, and breathe our heritage. Over 150 years of expertise goes into each of our products, ensuring Arctic Royal seafood is always of the highest quality. Premium. Fresh. Delicious - every time.

Arctic Royal is a market leader in the premium range of frozen seafood. Our Cold Water Prawns are sourced from the finest fishing grounds of the North Atlantic, whilst Arctic Royal’s Warm Water Prawns are sourced along equatorial lines in South Asia and Central American.

Our stringent quality control procedures and responsible approach to sourcing means that only the very best prawns are selected.

Sourced from the Seven Seas

Whether it’s the North Atlantic’s Coldwater Prawns, or Turkey’s Seabass, we only source from the finest global markets for the best quality seafood.


A Century Of Expertise

With over a century of knowledge, expertise and passion behind us, Arctic Royal has been a long standing, coveted brand since 1862. Over the years, we have faced challenges and turned them into opportunities that have shaped the brand as we know it today.

Our extensive product range covers all your seafood needs from essentials to unique and exciting products, and we never compromise on quality. We are proud to showcase Arctic Royal to the retail market, always paying careful attention to detail to ensure the great success of each of our products.